Why is this campaign important?
Because it highlights the mispronunciation of Islamic words that are used everyday (Muslim, Islam, and related words) in the media, and in social life. We believe that pronouncing a word as natively as possible is important.

Moreover, this is a year-round “evergreen” equity opportunity: due to unprecedented levels of Islamophobia world-over, campaigns like Take the “Z” out™ are needed as bridge-building opportunities to create, build, and foster understanding between affected communities.

OK I get it but does it really matter how I pronounce these word(s)?
Yes it does. Here are 5 good reasons:
1) The first one is on you: Why wouldn’t you want to pronounce a word that you now know should be pronounced better?
2) You are protecting identity loss. Imagine if you had to hide the way your name was pronounced or altogether change it? Millions of people have partially lost their identities just by way of name butchery and name change.
3) It shows you are somewhat aware of cultural/religious context and a diverse world.
4) It sounds welcoming to hear for the listener. 5) And it demonstrates you are making an effort to be authentic.

Does this campaign work?
Actually it does and it’s slowly growing! There’s been great results with people learning about the Take the “Z” out™ campaign. Check out the campaign on twitter and Instagram. Listen to The “Z” song™. Academic institutions are also taking note. Check out the virtual display at McMaster University.

We’ve seen some really incredible transformations. After learning about this campaign, people have noticed the difference. They’ve caught themselves saying the “Z”, and then corrected themselves. Some have also corrected others. Take the “Z”™ out is infectious 👌

How does Take the “Z” out™ campaign work?
1) Share The “Z” song™ – Ninety seconds can change someone’s pronunciation.
2) Display posters in physical spaces you feel can strike up conversations and/or download them and throw them up in your social media feeds. Tag #takethezout
3) Go online! Tweet your thoughts on twitter. Be sure to tag your conversations with #takethezout
4) Like IG? We got you! Share your thoughts using #takethezout on Instagram.

Come to think of it, I do know someone who can benefit from some “Z” education. What should I do?
Send them here! We got the song (ninety seconds will give them A LOT of food for thought). We got the site. 😃✔🙌 Send them here and we’ll do the rest!

Are the posters free?
Yes, and you are encouraged to download, share, and display them on physical walls OR share the social media versions on your feeds. Please tag your conversations with #takethezout to spread the word.

Where can I display the poster?
On your social media feeds OR physical walls. Anywhere really! For wall displays we suggest: open houses, schools, libraries, offices, community centres, public spaces, inter-faith spaces, and even your own homes 😉 Surprise us and tweet out your displays AND/OR throw them up on IG.

​What’s the benefit of displaying the poster?
It will encourage sharing and learning. You may even surprise yourself with what you learn. Islam and Islamic cultures are typically misunderstood.

​​But I’ve been pronouncing Islamic word(s) forever 🙁
Correctly? You may be still mispronouncing these word(s). Ask someone who you think may know. While you’re at it, listen carefully to The “Z” song™ and compare your pronunciation to the song’s.

Is this campaign only for a certain holiday, occasion, or for an Islamic History type event?
Not at all. Muslims do tend to live outside these events too 🤔 Take the “Z” out™ is an evergreen year-round equity opportunity.

Are these the only posters or will there be more in the campaign?
This project is still young. Let’s make this successful and we’ll go from there. Posters are cool. Sharing your thoughts online is cool too.

How do I share the campaign?
Please and thank you. Tag conversations with #takethezout on twitter AND #takethezout on Instagram. We want your Take the “Z” out™ stories! Tweet now.

Who came up with the concept?
Take the “Z” out™ was developed by @studentAsim, an artist from Toronto, Canada, in October 2019. After hearing “MuZlim” several times in a conversation (that really was over many years), the idea sparked and Take the “Z” out™ was born.

Can I financially support the campaign?
Absolutely. This is an independent project so any contributions are welcome. 🎁 To keep this project going, kindly make a donation here.

Can I do a media story on ​Take the “Z” out™?
Yes, unless you have bad intentions. 🤣 Media will help this campaign reach more people. Email the producer, @studentAsim.