Take the “Z” out™ has created some marvelous results. It has highlighted to people the correct pronunciation of Muslim, Islam, and related words. Some of those same people have remarked that they have caught themselves saying MuZlim or IZlam after this campaign. What’s so honourable is to see these folks then try to correct themselves, often in front of their colleagues

Take the “Z” out™ is infectious. Another great opportunity is after people learn about the pronunciations, in a good number of cases so far, they have then corrected their colleagues too! 🙂

How to say Muslim

The “Z” song™

Christian knows how to say “Muslim” while checking out Take the “Z” out™

Can pronouncing a word create world peace? This person thinks so: Let’s try to be more accurate and we’ll have more peace in the world.

Muslim NOT MuZlim, Say it RIGHT!

“This is the one time you have a native Arabic word that could be pronounced by a native English speaker.” 1:28s to 2:15s

How not to say Muslim

This video says there’s an “American variation” of Muslim. Really? There’s variations of Muslim? This video is an example of misinformation. It starts off by saying American variation: “Muzlim”, and then says “Muslim.” I find it interesting how the narrator actually says “Muslim” with the “s” sound correctly in the same breath as “Muzlim.”

Questionable article (How You Pronounce ‘Muslim’ Says A Lot About Your Politics) politicizing the words “Islam” and “Muslim.” It talks about how the US Left pronounces “Muslim” properly to win the hearts of Muslims while the Right does not and is perceived as the enemy. It’s not so simple. Politicians are not always your friends — and in the case of the Islamic community in America, with a long history of surveillance, “counter-terrorism” measures, and the rise of Islamophobia at the highest levels of government — can anyone really say any government is friends or cozy with Muslims in America (or anywhere else for that matter)? This is a pretty crazy conspiracy article and it’s incredible how this misinformation exists out here, painting the Left as a perceived good and the Right as a perceived bad. Further, what’s troubling about this article is speaking up on behalf of Muslims, when no one ever asked them what they thought. Assumptions, assumptions, need anything else be said? Moreover, politicians don’t come as a one size fits all, whether on the Left or Right. And this does not excuse the Right from mispronouncing Islam or Muslim anyway. They should still get it right.

“Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of MuZlims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. We have no choice!”

How to say Islam

How to say Islam

Say What? Islamic Phrases by an American convert (mention of Muslim: 7s, 41s, mention of Islamic at 58s)


How to say Islamophobia (many points of mention of Islamophobia, including Muslim and Islam)

Stereotypes – Islamophobia (this was from 2013. But it sounds just the same today)

Islamophobia in America

Want to do something against Islamophobia RIGHT NOW?