Hearing “MuZlim” is tiring for those who know

Help change the way “Muslim” and “Islam” are pronounced.

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An Educational Campaign

Take the “Z” out™ is an international borderless bridge-building campaign to help people realize how to pronounce Islamic (not Izlamicwords more accurately.

In particular, Islamic is pronounced “Islamic” with an “s” sound, not a “z” sound unlike “Izlamic”. And Muslim is pronounced “Muslim”, with an “s” sound, not a “z” sound unlike “Muzlim”.

Name butchery is often experienced by people of colour and even European names may end up being badly mispronounced. Rest assured, when you get the knack for pronouncing Islamic and Muslim better, it may end up being a painful or annoying experience to now catch others saying it. But now you know, pass it on.

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<b>An Educational Campaign</b>

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Incepted in 2019

Take the “Z” out™ was incepted in 2019 by artist @studentAsim during Islamic History Month in Toronto, Canada.

A school principal was brainstorming a bunch of ideas with Muslim students for activities for the month. During the interaction — with @studentAsim also present — he noticed the principal kept saying “MuZlim” and “IZlamic” several times. The idea sparked and Take the “Z” out™ was born to foster better pronunciation and ultimately more authentic interactions.

Take the “Z” out™ was picked up by CBC News during it’s initial run. The interview has been archived by CBC and we are working on recovering it!

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<b>Incepted in 2019</b>

Take the “Z” out™ works


Those who have tried Take the “Z” out™ have not only caught themselves mispronouncing “Muslim” and “Islamic” with the “Z” sound, they have started to notice others mispronounce the same words! In some cases, they have also corrected the mispronunciation of others.

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Say: “Muslim”. Did you catch yourself?

Bet you said “MuZlim!” Say: Islamic. Do you hear the “Z”?

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